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Application case · help you realize full automation of production Robots are widely used in: large machine arc welding, casting industry, metal sheet metal bending, sheet metal bending and other applications

Automatic intelligent manufacturing factoryIntelligent Industry SolutionsLet the world's factories realize automation, let enterprises produce, without hard work, hard work, difficult work

  • Long service life of equipment, less initial investment, labor saving, and half year cost recovery
  • Equipped with safety emergency stop, fast response, good accuracy, stable performance, safety and reliability
  • The equipment can be continuously produced 24 hours a day with high production efficiency and precision
  • Lightweight, more stable, simple operation, wide application range
Automated Intelligent Manufacturing Plant
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aobut us Dongguan Taiji Factory Automation Co.,Ltd Jiangmen Tyche Robotic Co., Ltd
Dongguan Taiji Factory Automation Co.,Ltd,Founded in 2018, it is committed to the sales and application of industrial robots. The professional team has been purchasing second-hand industrial robots all over the world for many years, including Germany KUKA, Sweden ABB, Japan FANUC and YASKAWA Motoman, etc. This kind of robot was originally used in the world's first tier automobile manufacturers or their supporting manufacturers, with good machine conditions and performance.
The industrial robots sold by our company are widely used in material loading and unloading, stacking, polishing, cutting, punching and other applications. We have a high-quality, experienced and cohesive technical service team to provide our partners with high-quality, cost-effective second-hand industrial robots; Provide technical support, scheme design, after-sales maintenance and upgrading services for integrators and other users. It relieves users of worries about technology and after-sales after purchase.
  • Strong suppliersProfessional teams purchase old industrial robots around the world for a long time to replace labor, save costs, and recover costs for half a year

  • Quality assuranceIndustrial robots have stable quality, high production efficiency and guaranteed delivery date, which are your safe choice

  • Door installation and commissioningWhen your production line or robot stops abnormally, please contact us. We provide repair, maintenance, door-to-door installation and debugging services

  • Perfect serviceThe Tyche intelligent equipment responds to the consultation in a timely manner and provides you with reassuring service. The specially assigned person is responsible for one-to-one tracking


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One machine for multiple purposes·Easily handle various needs

Our professional team has been purchasing used industrial robots worldwide for many years,
Brands include Germany KUKA, Sweden ABB, Japan FANUC and Motoman, etc.
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