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  Walking into the broadcasting hall of Boluo County Radio and TV Station, a black industrial robot came into sight. The two engineers are debugging and installing a KR60 industrial robot in Kuka, Germany. In order to be invisible in the studio hall without grabbing the camera, I was painted black as a backstage hero, with only a few yellow safety labels reminding people to operate safely. This is the equipment introduced by Boluo County Radio and TV Station in order to meet the higher requirements of modern new media for camera shooting. The Kuka industrial robot can rotate and swing 360 degrees in all directions without dead angle, and can adapt to shooting from all angles in the studio. Its performance is safe and stable, so that we can enjoy better TV images and reduce the labor intensity of photographers. Our company has participated in the whole process of equipment renovation, installation and commissioning, and the perfect service of technicians has been highly recognized by the TV station staff. At the same time, our company also hopes that more TV stations and enterprises can cooperate with us to make industrial robots appear in more industries, so as to improve the working environment, reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency!
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