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Preventive Care
Properly regulated robotic preventive maintenance can ensure the normal operation of the robot and high-efficiency output, thus reducing production costs. Therefore, correctly regulating the preventive maintenance of robots is an indispensable task for the normal use of robots.
The robot runs for a running-in period of up to 6000 hours or 1 year (whichever comes first), and the robot needs to perform preventive maintenance, in-depth inspection and replacement of gearbox lubricants. After that, the robot must perform one more preventive maintenance every 12 months, effectively reducing the robot failure rate, ensuring the running accuracy of the trajectory and improving the service life of the robot.
Maintenance records must be added for each maintenance. If the equipment fails, it should be reported to the maintenance in time. Detailed description of the equipment and operation before the failure occurs, and actively cooperate with the maintenance personnel to repair, so as to smoothly resume production. The company will conduct random inspections on equipment maintenance. It is recommended that the operator carefully check the condition of the equipment during each shift and record the operation of each shift.

Robot hardware and electrical component repair
Due to the influence of the use environment and long-term work production, problems occur in robot motors or reducers. Also, electrical components inside the controller may be damaged due to improper use with external devices. The purchase of new accessories is of course expensive, and if it can be repaired, of course, it can save considerable costs. If you have any inquiries regarding the repair of any of the robots, please do so immediately with we contact.

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