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  As COVID-19 continues to spread around the world, global robot enterprises are actively fighting against the epidemic and contributing to world security.
  Under the COVID-19, robots have become important members of the war against "epidemic": medical robots have become doctors' assistants and nurses, service robots have become waiters, and distribution robots have become couriers, playing an important role in hospitals, shopping malls, warehouses and other places.
  At present, the industrial robot has already infiltrated into the e-commerce express storage and sorting, automobile, tobacco, medicine, food, chemical industry, printing, 3C electronics, post office, library, port, wharf and airport, dangerous places, special industries and various types of manufacturing industries, covering the two hot areas of warehousing and robotics. With its advantages of flexibility, efficiency, security and so on, it walks in the intelligent upgrading of modern warehouses. It is believed that with the end of the epidemic, industrial robots will play a role in more fields and the demand will be more vigorous.
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