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  The editors summarized the following 10 types of KUKA robot common problems and solutions.
  1. Invalid boot coordinate
  The world coordinate system takes the gun head as the base point. In this coordinate system, all actions of the robot are completed by taking the gun head as the vertex. The direction of the XYZ cutting gun does not change. If the robot moves in the world coordinate system, the gun head changes direction with it. That is, we do not select tools after starting the machine.
  Solution: Configuration → current tool/base coordinate → tool number → 1
  2. Expert Login
  Generally, when we want to edit the program after startup, we should first log in to the expert level to help us operate.
  Rescue scheme: configuration → user group → expert → login → password kuka → login
  3. Set END
  We found that there is no end point in the new program, and we need to set the end point.
  Solution: Configuration → Miscellaneous → Editor → Define a row of DEF
  4. Program first setting
  4. When the first command of the program is set as the home position editing program, the first command should be set as the home position. At this time, we can directly find the home position standard at the end, which can save the operation time of the manual mobile robot.
  5. Close the output signal manually
  When we are testing the program or using it normally (the output signal has been turned on), we sometimes encounter unexpected situations, such as the danger of crash in the program path, or warm-up failure, program error, etc. At this time, we need to manually turn off the output signal. After the problem is solved, we can turn on the output signal with kcp again. (Our output signals are 3 low pressure oxygen, 4 high pressure oxygen and 5 propane)
  Solution: Display → input/output terminal → digital output terminal → press and hold the drive → number (close or open)
  6. 6D mouse failure
  The system indicates that the 6D mouse still has some prompts such as voltage, and the mouse fails. We can release the drive at this time, and then press it again to wait for the drive indicator I to turn green.
  7. Copy program
  Copy the program from the computer, so that when the program in the C disk is lost, we can copy it from the D disk or the external mobile U disk.
  Solution: After the expert logs in, press Num (Num on the display is gray at this time, and then press it to switch back) → CTRL (2)+Esc → PC Disk C → KRC → ROBOTER → KRC → R1 → Program.
  8. Robot protection
  When the robot crashes, it will start automatic protection. That is, the robot has a protection system at A6 axis. When the spring is bent and deformed after the crash, the system will stop all operations after receiving the signal. At this time, we cannot operate the robot. At this time, we need to turn off the protection switch first.
  Solution: Configuration → input/output terminal → external automatic → movement allowed → change 5 to 1025 → at this time, the robot can move without system protection restrictions. Pay attention to adjusting the robot's movement direction, speed, leaving the crash point, and then adjust the value of "movement allowed" to 5 after reaching a safe position.
  9. When to recalibrate the zero point of the library card (recalibration is required under the following conditions)
  ① If the robot is not completely shut down, the zero point will be lost when the battery is exhausted.
  ② When the robot hits the hard limit, it will lose its zero point.
  ③ Manually delete the zero point.
  ④ If the power on fails, the zero point will be lost if the power is turned off directly.
  10. Program data parameters: cutting speed of straight line and arc is 0.005m/s, and acceleration is 1%
  The robot's moving speed PTP is 20% or 10% linear moving speed (non cutting) 0.05m/s, and the acceleration is 70%.
  Output signal: 3 is low-pressure oxygen, 4 is high-pressure oxygen, and 5 is propane.
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