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  Robots have gradually entered our lives. Although robots have been used in many industries in China, most of them are large enterprises, and many small and medium-sized enterprises do not use industrial robots for production. In order to solve the problem of labor shortage, some factories have moved their production lines to underdeveloped countries to reduce production costs. These are the main reasons for this situation.
  First, the cost of industrial robots is high. These industrial robots currently used are basically precision devices, which require a relatively high level of technology and large investment in research and development. Therefore, the cost of the robots produced is also very high, and they also need huge funds to maintain in the later stage, which makes many factories flinch. If you want to vigorously promote and popularize industrial robots, you must reduce the threshold for entry and later maintenance costs.
  Secondly, different factories have different demands for production. Each factory has different production processes according to different products. If we want to replace manual production with industrial robots, different factories need to customize robots differently. Even a factory will have different production processes, which requires customization of industrial robots. This not only requires high investment costs, but also increases the difficulty of maintenance. Industrial robots are more effective for large-scale production.
  Thirdly, man is more mobile than robot. For factories, if robots are invested, a lot of manpower and material resources will be invested. No matter whether they are produced or not, they will take up resources for maintenance. In contrast, manpower is much more mobile. If there are more orders, more people can be recruited, and less people can be recruited.
  Last but not least, most of the industrial robots we use now are used to replace manual work for repetitive operations. Industrial robots are still inseparable from the debugging of operators. Although industrial robots are moving towards intelligence, it still takes some time to achieve it. Therefore, we often need to complete the production process manually.
  Although the industrial robot has its disadvantages, with the continuous development of research and development, China has now had some domestic industrial robot brands, and the price is relatively cheap compared with international brands. It is believed that in the near future, domestic industrial robots will be popularized and applied in such a big environment in China.
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