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  From 9:00 to 15:40 on October 19, 2019, 240 national technical experts competed on the same platform in Jinan, Shandong Province. In the afternoon, many experts and scholars in the field of intelligent robots also gathered in Quancheng to give advice and suggestions on the development of the robot industry.
  Make up the technical talent gap
  "I like to control robots. Compared with classroom learning, competition is more training and more testing of our psychological quality." A contestant from Cangzhou Vocational and Technical College said that although he had made full preparations before the competition, he still felt that his proficiency in controlling robots was not enough and the competition time was tight. I hope I can participate in more competitions in the future to hone my psychological quality and improve my skills.
  Li Ruifeng, the leader of the expert group of the Third National Industrial Robot Technology Application Skills Competition and the deputy director of the Robotics Research Institute of Harbin University of Technology, introduced that in the practical operation competition, the contestants should design, install and troubleshoot by themselves, so as to better test the contestants' ability to independently carry out system design and multi robot operation. If the players can get good results in the competition, they will also become skilled in life.
  Li Ruifeng believes that the development of the robot industry requires not only high-end scientific research personnel, but also a large number of skilled personnel who know how to operate and can maintain. However, there is still a shortage of skilled personnel in China. In the future, with the rapid growth of robot market demand, it is imperative to strengthen the training of skilled personnel.
  Broad prospects for industrial development
  Luo Junjie, Deputy Director of the Equipment Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, also said that China's robot industry has broad prospects for development, the integration of robots and new technologies has been deepening, emerging applications have been widely infiltrated from industry to social services and other fields, and the environment and ecology for the development of the robot industry have been constantly optimized.
  The China Robot Industry Development Report 2019 released by the China Electronics Society shows that the size of China's robot market is expected to reach US .68 billion in 2019, including US .73 billion for industrial robots and US .2 billion for service robots.
  While seeing opportunities, we should also see the challenges we face. Experts believe that since this year, due to the impact of the international economic development environment, the growth of global industrial robots has slowed down. China's robot industry also faces many problems and challenges in the development process, such as the need to further improve key core technologies, further expand application scenarios and fields, and further improve risk prevention and control and legal and regulatory systems.
  Break through the bottleneck of core technology
  In the future, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will accelerate the high-quality development of China's robot industry by strengthening innovation capability, upgrading and optimizing structure, creating a good environment, strengthening promotion and application, standardizing market order, and strengthening opening and cooperation.
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