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  The maintenance of industrial robots should start from the actual needs and clean the robot teaching device at an appropriate frequency;
  Although the panel paint film can withstand the corrosion of most solvents, it should still avoid contact with strong solvents such as acetone;
  If possible, the ABB robot teaching pendant should be removed and placed in a clean place when it is not applicable.
  ABB robot maintenance and cleaning controller
  The interior of the controller shall be cleaned at appropriate intervals according to the environmental conditions, such as once a year;
  The robot maintenance must pay special attention to the cleaning of the cooling fan and the air inlet/outlet. Use a dust brush when cleaning, and use a vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust under the brush. ABB robot maintenance should not use the vacuum cleaner to clean the components directly, otherwise it will lead to electrostatic discharge and damage the components.
  Note: ABB robots must be cut off before maintenance and cleaning inside the controller!
  ABB robot maintenance and cleaning/filter cloth replacement
  Position of filter cloth for cooling unit of robot drive system
  1. Find the filter cloth in the north of the control cabinet;
  2. Lift and remove the filter cloth holder;
  3. Remove the old filter cloth from the filter cloth holder;
  4. Insert the new filter cloth into the filter cloth holder.
  5. Slide the filter cloth holder with the new filter cloth into place.
  Note: In addition to changing the filter cloth, ABB robots can also choose to clean the filter cloth. Details are as follows:
  Clean the filter cloth 3-4 times in 30-40 ℃ water with detergent. Do not wring the filter cloth dry, but place it on a flat surface to dry. The filter cloth can also be blown clean with clean compressed air.
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