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  1. System introduction;
  The robot and conveyor line logistics automation system mainly consists of the following parts:
  (1) Automatic conveying line: the product is automatically conveyed, and the product tooling plate is accurately positioned at each assembly station. After assembly, the tooling plate can automatically circulate; With motor overload protection, the drive chain is directly meshed with the conveyor chain, ensuring stable transmission and reliable operation.
  (2) Robot system: the robot can accurately and quickly complete the assembly of parts at a specific position, so that the production line can achieve a high degree of automation; The robots can adjust each other according to certain principles to meet the beat requirements of the process points; It is equipped with communication interface with upper management system.
  (3) Automatic three-dimensional storage and material supply system: automatically plan and schedule the assembly raw materials, and timely transport the raw materials to the assembly line, and at the same time, it can count and monitor the stock raw materials in real time.
  (4) Main control system of the whole line: the control system based on fieldbus Profibus DP is adopted, which not only has high real-time performance, but also has high reliability.
  (5) Barcode data acquisition system: to make all kinds of product manufacturing information standardized, accurate, real-time and traceable. The system uses high-end file servers and large capacity storage devices to quickly collect and manage on-site production data.
  (6) Product automatic test system: test the performance indicators of the final products, and transfer the unqualified products to the repair line.
  (7) Production line monitoring/scheduling/management system: the three-level network of management layer, monitoring layer and equipment layer is used for comprehensive monitoring, scheduling and management of the entire production line, which can accept the workshop production plan, automatically assign tasks and complete automatic production.
  2. Application field;
  Robot and conveyor line logistics automation system can be applied to building materials, household appliances, electronics, chemical fiber, automobile, food and other industries.
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